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In 1991, we started to take part in the sector as greengrocery wholesaler. Since then, we have gained lots of experiences and built a great relationship with our partners and customers. And now, with all of those 28 years experiences in the sector, we continue our operation under the brand of Nord Frucht

Thanks to our business partners which are located in many different countries

- particularly Turkey, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Italy and France -, we deliver the greengroceries that you need directly to your address on time. Since we have been working only with trustworthy business partners, we are able to control the quality of the goods during the procurement. Our loyal customer portfolio substantiates not only our highly efficient service but also that  we are working only with the qualified suppliers. 

Regarding your greengrocery need or your cooperation request, you can always contact with us by filling in our contact form or calling +49 (0) 421 43301843.




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